Advent Day 10: WIN with Black Cow Vodka

This is one udderly awesome advent prize you don’t wanna miss, so get a moo-ve on.

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Coffee and milk = a combo as classic as p*ssed charades on Christmas afternoon. This is why Black Cow makes the smoothest Espresso Martini out there. ‘Cos it’s a vodka made entirely from grass grazed cows’ milk.  

Yes it’s a vodka… made from milk. So wrong and yet so, so right. Don’t believe us? Just try this banging Black Cow Espresso Martini. The mix of coffee and dairy creates a velvety smooth and creamy cocktail with the caffeine hit we all love. Pow.

Can’t have dairy? No stress, the lactose has been removed from the vodka so anyone can get down with this twist on the classic coffee cocktail. Moo-sic to our ears.


 ·      50ml Black Cow Vodka

·      40ml Fresh espresso, cooled

·      15ml maple syrup


Shake hard over ice and serve in a martini glass. Garnish with 3 coffee beans.