Advent Day 13: WIN with Carthy & Black Espresso Gin Cream Liqueur

Perk up your Christmas with this dreamy, creamy Espresso liqueur from Carthy & Black

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Gin and cream and espresso - not your usual combo. But hear us out. Carthy & Black have gone rogue… and the experiment paid off. They’ve taken Harrogate’s finest award-winning Slingsby Gin and blended it with silky smooth cream. The result? Velvety Cream Liqueurs with an unexpected twist. 

 Perk up your party by introducing your crew to their epic Carthy & Black Espresso Gin Cream Liqueur. Rich coffee notes and a sweet caramel finish make this one sexy serve. It’s awesome straight up, or draped over ice. Hey presto - you’ve got yourself an espresso gintini.  

Wanna experience the combo for yourself? Enter this advent for the chance to win a case of Carthy & Black Espresso and a copper bar set.


Serve straight over ice.

Simple and yet so, so effective.