Advent Day 16: WIN with Southern Comfort

This awesome twist on an egg-nog is snow joke.

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Christmas is for indulgence, fact. Does it get more indulgent than a cocktail of double cream, sugar syrup, a whole egg, and cinnamon? Didn’t think so.  Get into the Christmas spirit with Southern Comfort’s Southern Snowball ‘cos it’s taking smooth to a whole new level, and it’s one festive fling we want in on.

If you’ve only ever had Southern Comfort with lemonade, your mind’s about to get blown. This fruity, spicy whiskey liqueur was made for winter nights and cosy cocktails with vanilla, cloves, cinnamon, cherry and citrus all making an appearance.  It was invented in New Orleans in 1874, respect. Who wouldn’t wanna bring the soul of NOLA to their Xmas soiree?

Whip this drink-dessert hybrid up for your crew and you’ll be sleigh-in’ it this Christmas.  Bonus points if you can also add in the fake snow for effect. 

Southern Snowball

What You Need:

  • Southern Comfort (50ml)
  • Double cream (50ml)
  • Simple syrup (20ml)
  • Whole egg

Glassware: wine glass

 Mix it up:

Combine all ingredients except cinnamon in a shaker.
Shake and strain into a fancy wine glass.
Garnish with a dusting of ground nutmeg & a cinnamon stick.

Not a winner? Pop this link on your Christmas list and get hold of all you need to shake up a Southern Snowball!