Advent Day 18 - WIN with Monkey 47

The gin to share with your prime mates this Christmas

Some say less is more, but not us, and not Monkey 47. For BarChick Advent Day 18, you can win an EPIC collection of Monkey 47 goods, including a Monkey 47 Apron, a tin of pickled onions (HELLO GIBSON) 4 x Monkey 47 mugs and of course, a bottle of Monkey Dry.  

A little bit of history... 

There’s a lot going on in this little bottle.  They haven’t plucked the 47 out of no-where you know. Coming in at a punchy 47% ABV, the flavours in this bottle are next level. Lingonberries take centre stage in a pretty hefty chorus of 47 different botanicals which ranges from 6 different varieties of pepper to lemon-balm, Grains of Paradise and sloes. They’re all predominantly sourced in the Black Forest of Germany and prepared in soft local spring water. That’s what gives this gin a bad-ass unrivalled complexity and means whether you pair it with a banging tonic, serve it as a Sling, or hit it hard in a Martini, this gin is an awesome base for both classic and experimental cocktails. 

We like to let it sing in a Monkey Collins. Long, refreshing and epic. 

50ml Monkey Dry 
30ml Lemon juice 
20ml Simple syrup 

Stir all ingredients on the rocks in a long drinks glass and top it with soda water. Garnish with orange twist and voila! 

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This is a paid partnership with Monkey 47. T&Cs apply. UK entries only, and you must be over 18 to enter. Entries are taking place over on our Insta – and FYI, this comp is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administrated by Zuckerberg and his crew.