Advent Day 21: WIN with Antica Formula

Sick of sickly cocktails? Craving a killer classic? You can’t go wrong with this fresh Negroni, fact.

We’re giving you the chance to win the ingredients to make this awesome aperitif for your gang. Stick a star on it and you’ve got yourself an epic seasonal serve.  The perfect aperitif for Christmas Day.

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This is how BarChick does a Negroni:

The gin: Brooklyn Gin

One for the discerning drinkers. Just like you can’t visit New York without heading to Brooklyn, you can’t call yourself a cocktail connoisseur without trying this gin. They use only fresh citrus peels and hand-cracked juniper to give it that vibrant and complex flavour we love so much. We’re not the only ones - it’s won a bunch of gold medals in spirits competitions. Sometimes double gold, pow. Not just for Christmas - this is an asset to any home-bar all year round.

The sweet vermouth: Antica Formula

You can’t make a Negroni without vermouth, so why not go for one of the best? Carpano Antica Formula is more Italian than Pavarotti eating pizza by the leaning tower of Pisa, so you know you’re in the safest of hands when you mix up a Negroni with this baby. See if you can taste the hints of Madagascan vanilla. The Aztecs loved it for its appetite-stimulating properties, and it’s still bringing those aperitif vibes today.

The bitter: Carpano Bitter

One of the reasons a Negroni is so banging as an aperitif is ‘cos of the bitterness. This comes from a bright red liqueur that’s an infusion of herbs and botanics like gentian and wormwood. Carpano Bitter uses a balance of 10 herbs, infused in the traditional method, for a unique, delicate, sweet then bitter finish. Now that’s the kind of aromatic addition we want in our cocktails.


Combine equal parts of this top trio in a rocks glass. 

Get a hunk of ice and stamp the ice with the top of the Brooklyn Gin lid, 'cos you get the hack and look like a drinks rockstar. 

Stir it up. 

Cut a star out of orange peel (Christmas, yeah?) and garnish.