Advent Day 9: WIN with Aberfeldy 12 & World of Zing

Get that fire crackling, call your crew round, Christmas is getting damned cosy.

It’s the hottest thing to come outta Scotland since Gerard Butler’s abs. Only this cocktail can be shared around.

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We're giving away the ultimate Hot Toddy kit to keep you warm on the inside this season - a bottle of Aberfeldy 12 scotch and delicious hot toddy syrups so you can stir up a treat. 

Why is Aberfeldy 12 Year Old so awesome in a Hot Toddy?  We’ll tell you. Rich honey, vanilla and sweet spice flavours make this one insanely drinkable Scotch. Then there’s the slight aftertaste of warming orange. Screw the clementine in your stocking, this is the citrus finisher we’re all about. Also, it’s known as the Golden Dram, and if you can’t drink gold at Christmas, when can you? 

The best bit? Our mates at World of Zing have created 3 epic honey based syrups

 – Chilli Mocha

 –  Gingerbread

- Classic Hot Toddy Syrup

So you can whip up a winter warmer in to time. 



In a hot toddy mug add

  • 30ml Aberfeldy 12
  • 15ml World of Zing Hot Toddy syrup
  • Topped with hot water
  • Garnish with a lemon wheel 

Now you, honey, have got yourself the perfect Hot Toddy.