BarChick Advent Day 6 - Everleaf

This epic non-alc is the cherry on top of a wicked Christmas

Got the whole fam around for Christmas? We’re giving ya a wicked 20% discount on ALL the awesome non-alc aperitifs from Everleaf so you can whip up a round of cocktails that everyone can enjoy over the holidays, whether they’re the designated driver, preggo or just proudly riding that wagon. To claim, use code BARCHICK20 on the Everleaf webshop.

A little bit of history... 

What do you do when you're a conservation biologist who owns a bar? You create a non-alcoholic aperitif. Obviously. Paul Mathew is all about that plant life. And sustainability. Turns out when you know your sh*t about botanicals, it's easy to create something which tastes delicious and doesn't rely on an alcoholic buzz to catch a drinker’s eye. 

There are three epic non-alcs in the Everleaf fam. The OG is Forest made with 14 bittersweet botanicals that find their home in the woods (think cassia bark, orange blossom and gentian), serving up spicy-sweet notes of cinnamon and vanilla; Marine gets its round, umami flavour from seaweed, but also has a gin vibe thanks to juniper; and then there’s Mountain, a piney-fresh and floral serve with rosehip and cherry blossom, which is an absolute ride in this Mountain Trails cocktail; perfect for a naughty festive treat with a mighty swerve of the usual 5pm Christmas Day hangover. Bring it on! 

How to make an Everleaf Mountain Trails: 

50ml Everleaf Mountain 
25ml Fresh lemon juice 
20ml Cherry juice from jar 
Shake hard over ice and garnished with lashings of squirty cream (or you can sub it out for freshly whipped vegan-friendly cream if that’s how you roll – you do you, baby) and pop that cherry on top! 
Sponsored content. T&Cs apply. UK & only. Discount valid on all bottles in on the Everleaf webshop when using code: BARCHICK20. Code expires 25th Dec 2021. Always Drink Responsibly.