BarChick Advent Day 4 - Ilegal Mezcal

Your Christmas is about to get lit!

Smoke at Christmas usually means someone’s burnt the turkey, but put the fire extinguisher down, amigo – it’s this epic cocktail made with Ilegal Mezcal that’s bringing the fire for BarChick Advent Day 4. 

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A little bit of history... 

All the mezcals in the Ilegal fam are handcrafted in small batches by fourth-gen mezcaleros, and they’re all made with perfectly ripe, sustainable Espadín agave, and double distilled in the Santiago Matatlan Valley of Oaxaca, Mexico. 

It’s all made the traditional way (yeah, they even still use a horse to crush the toasted agave in the tahona – talk about keepin’ it real!) The Joven is their unaged expression with an epic and distinct agave flavour and a subtle smokiness. If you’re just starting on your mezcal journey, this is a wicked place to start. If you’re up for straight sipping, you’ll probably pick up notes of eucalyptus, green peppers, citrus and red chilies. Want even more spice? You’re gonna dig it in this Jalapeno Tommy’s margarita. 

How to make their fiery Jalapeno Tommy’s Margarita: 

Ilegal Joven 50ml 
Lime juice 25ml 
Jalapeno cordial 15ml 
Cointreau 5ml 
Smoked salt pinch 
Garnish: Rosemary (and a blow torch!) 

Add all ingredients into your cocktail shaker, fill with ice and shake vigorously, then pour over ice in rocks glass and garnish with a lightly torched rosemary stalk. Lit! 

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