BarChick Advent Day 2 - Johnnie Walker

Open the door to whisky this Christmas...

We’re going next level for the 2nd day of BarChick Advent and giving away... an advent calendar. But not just any advent calendar. This is the 12 Days of Discovery calendar with Johnnie Walker... and it’s really gonna open some doors when it comes to your love of whisky.

A little bit of history... 

Only those living under a rock won’t have heard of Johnnie Walker whisky, or seen its iconic signature square bottle chilling on a back bar somewhere. It is the most widely distributed brand of blended Scotch whisky in the world and is sold in almost every country. That’s huge!

But if you’re not as familiar as you’d like to be with Johnnie Walker and the family of awesome blended whiskies, our prize for BarChick Advent Day 2 will help open some doors for ya.

We’re giving away two Johnnie Walker 12 Days of Discovery calendars which will help guide you (and a mate) through the collection. Each calendar contains 12 miniatures of six iconic Johnnie Walker whiskies so you can try one neat, and get experimental with the other...

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How to enjoy your Johnnie Walker 12 Days of Discovery calendar: 

Johnnie Walker Red Label 

AKA the world’s best-selling Scotch Whisky. BOOM. Made for mixing, both in bad-ass cocktails and with your favourite people. The ultimate crowd-pleaser. We like to serve it up in a Johnnie & Ginger: 

25ml Johnnie Walker Red Label 
75ml Ginger Ale 
Garnish with a wedge of lime 

Johnnie Walker Black Label 

This one is an unrivalled masterpiece – an exquisite combo of Scotland’s rarest and most exceptional whiskies, aged for 12 years. We love it in an Old Fashioned: 

50ml Johnnie Walker Black Label 
2 Dashes bitters 
1 tsp of maple syrup 
Stir and serve over ice with an orange twist 

Johnnie Walker Double Black 

This is the boldest whisky in the Johnnie Walker fam yet. It’s the rebellious younger sibling of Johnnie Walker Black Label, made with whiskies from the west coast of Scotland (where peat is king), all chosen for their naturally smoky flavour and aged in charred barrels. Bold and epic in an Affogato.

25ml Johnnie Walker Black Label 

1 scoop of vanilla ice cream 
1 shot of espresso 
Garnish with roughly chopped chocolate and serve up with a spoon 

Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve 

This whisky is a bit like BarChick. Awesome on her own but really comes into her own when she’s at a party. It’s made from vibrant whiskies chosen for their sweet, honeyed qualities. This one bangs in a Gold & Apple Highball: 

30ml Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve 
30ml Cloudy Apple Juice 
120ml Apple Kombucha 
Garnish with an apple fan or wedge 

Johnnie Walker Aged 18 Years 

This whisky is made with hand-picked casks aged for 18 years, which makes for an intensely rich Scotch that perfectly balances a trilogy of flavours and textures. A whisky worth the wait, and awesome in a Whisky Godfather: 

45ml Johnnie Walker Aged 18 years 
15ml Amaretto 
Serve over ice and garnish with a brandied cherry 

Johnnie Walker Blue Label 

As blended whiskies go, this one is basically King. It’s made from hand-selected rare Scotch whiskies with a remarkable depth of flavour. Only one in 10,000 casks make the cut. Yeah, this whisky is more exclusive than a Mayfair member’s club. This one is best served neat in your best glassware. 


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