BarChick Advent Day 20 - Malfy Gin

When Santa gives you lemons, make Malfy Sgroppinos...

Missed out on that European holiday this year? No dramas, cos for BarChick Advent Day 20 we’re taking ya to the glistening coast of Amalfi with Malfy Gin Con Limone for a sharp taste of the real Italia.

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A little bit of history...  

The Italians might be known for their insane pasta making skills, their iconic pizzas and their sexy men, but not enough credit is given to just how epic their lemons are. Yeah, we’re calling it. Italian lemons are underrated for just how god damn juicy, fresh and ripe they are. But the crew at Malfy Gin know, and they’ve put them to sick use in their Con Limone expression. 

They’ve used a mix of Italian sun-ripened lemons and Amalfi lemon peel to elevate the fine botanicals and handpicked juniper they use in their gin. Think that means this is a Summer drink? Nuh uh, bambino. This is a bad-ass all-rounder, and the perfect palate cleanser for your Christmas dinner party when served up in a Malfy Sgroppino.

How To Make A Malfy Sgroppino:

35ml Malfy con Limone 
1 scoop (c.120ml) lemon sorbet 
50ml prosecco 
Mint & Lemon Zest 

Add the Malfy Gin Con Limone to your coupe, then add a scoop of lemon sorbet to the glass and top with prosecco. Garnish with lemon zest and a sprig of mint. Bellissima. 

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