BarChick Advent Day 3 - Monkey 47

Some say less is more, but not us, and not Monkey 47....

The legends at Monkey 47 have created a smashing cocktail for you to share with your prime mates this Christmas... and we’re giving away everything ya need to make that a reality for BarChick Advent Day 3. 

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A little bit of history... 

There aren’t many gins that can say they’re rocking a hefty chorus of 47 different botanicals including 6 different varieties of pepper, lemon-balm, Grains of Paradise and sloes. In fact, we’re pretty sure only one of them can, and the clue’s in the name.  

Monkey 47 predominantly source their line-up of botanicals in the Black Forest of Germany. They also crank up the ABV all the way to 47% (in case you find remembering numbers hard). That’s what gives this gin a bad-ass unrivalled complexity and means whether you pair it with a banging tonic, serve it as a Sling, or hit it hard in a Martini, this gin is an awesome base for both classic and experimental cocktails, including this fruity number. 

How to make the Monkey 47 Black Forest Berry: 

40ml Monkey 47 gin 
20ml Cherry liqueur 
20ml Lemon juice 
20ml Morello cherry puree 
Egg white 

Shake over ice and double strain before garnishing with berry dust, mint sprig & some edible glitter (if you have some lying around, like we always do) 

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