Cocktail Ice Lollies

Turn your picnic into a p*ss up and prep yourself a batch of homemade ice lollies… you’ll need a mould but they’re not hard to come by. Want our advice? Don’t be too heavy handed with the alcohol or they won’t freeze and save some boozy mix over 'costhat 12 hours freezing time ain’t gonna drink itself. Gin and Tonic These classic ‘n fresh lollies will quench your thirst and cool you down… Serves 10 700ml tonic 45ml gin ¼ lime, juiced A few slices of cucumber Mix together the tonic, gin and lime juice then pour into your moulds over the cucumber slices. Easy! LOLLY.g.t Aperitivo Traditionally, aperitivo is an Italian word for a pre-meal drink meant to stimulate your appetite but we get ours going with an iced boozy snack. Serves 4 100ml cloudy lemonade 15ml Campari 10ml sugar syrup 25ml water Orange zest Stir all the ingredients together then pour over the orange zest into the moulds. Get them in the freezer and wait for aperitivo hour… LOLLY.aperitivo Margarita Margarita lollies aka. the party in a popsicle. Serves 4 150g sugar 175ml fresh lime juice 120ml water 2 tbsp lemon juice 2 tbsp orange juice 2 tbsp tequila 2 tbsp Grand Marnier Mix together the sugar, and juices and stir over a medium heat until the sugar dissolves. Remove from the heat and leave to cool then blend together with the tequila and Grand Marnier until smooth. Pour into the mould and wait…. Once frozen, you can garnish with salt if that’s your flex. LOLLY.margarita Bellini Probably not how they’d do it in Harry’s Bar but we love these bad boys anyway... Serves 10 440ml prosecco 150ml sugar syrup 150ml lemon juice 2 large peaches 3 dashes peach bitters Chop the peaches and blend them until smooth before straining through a mesh sieve. Take 8 tbsp of the puree and mix together with the lemon juice, prosecco, syrup and bitters then add the prosecco - carefully though because it’ll fizz like a motherf*cker. If you wanna sex it up a bit, chuck in some edible flowers like violets because it’s summer and we like it. Pour the mix into moulds and freeze them up. LOLLY.bellini Espresso Martini This bad boy will wake you up, f*ck you up and cool you down. Serves 6 3 tbsp fine sugar 125ml espresso 2 tbsp vodka 4 tbsp water Dissolve the sugar in the water over the heat and bring to the boil. Take from the heat and pour into a cocktail shaker. Add the cooled down espresso and vodka and shake well. Once it’s a decent temperature pour into moulds and impatiently wait… LOLLY.espresso.martini Dark ‘N Stormy This cocktail is a Bermudan classic which makes it perfect for sunny days when you need to be chilling and boozing… Serves 4 15ml rum 10ml lime juice 20ml sugar syrup 80ml ginger beer Another simple one; just stir all the ingredients together and pour into moulds! Get stem ginger in the moulds too if you wanna sex it up. LOLLY.dark.n.stormy Mojito Refreshing, boozy, minty goodness. Who said we could only have one? Serves 8 500ml water 1 lime, juiced A handful of mint 3 tbsp brown sugar 0.5 tsp rum Cut eight thin slices of lime then juice the rest. Add it to the water and sugar and then heat until the sugar has completely dissolved. Keep eight mint leaves spare but steep the rest in the mix for 10 minutes. Get a piece of lime and a mint leaf into each lolly mould, mix the rum into your sugar water and pour into the moulds. LOLLY.mojito Pimm’s The sun’s only gotta be out for 10 minutes before the supermarkets sell out of Pimm’s, use yours to make this perfect summer’s day lolly. Serves 6 50g icing sugar 4 tbsp Pimm’s 250ml ginger beer/lemonade 150g sliced strawberries 50g sliced apples 18 mint leaves Boil the sugar and water until the dissolved then remove from the heat. Add the Pimm’s, ginger beer/lemonade and leave to cool. Divide the strawberries, apples and mint leaves between the moulds and pour in the mixture. LOLLY.pimms Bloody Mary Lollies and Bloody Marys are two of the best hangover cures so kill two birds/headaches with one stone. Serves 4 110g tomatoes 1 celery stalk ½ lemon 4 tbsp Worcestershire sauce 2 tbsp Dijon mustard ¼ tsp chilli powder ¼ tsp cracked black pepper 120ml vodka Pinch of salt Blend all the ingredients except the vodka into a puree then strain through a sieve. Add the vodka and blend for another 30 seconds. Pour the mix into the popsicles and either wait ‘til you’re hanging like a fruit bat or freshen up with this savoury lolly fix. LOLLY.bloody.mary Blood Orange Negroni Because lollies can be trendy too… Serves 10 110g caster sugar 235ml water 50ml gin 50ml Campari 50ml dry vermouth 300ml blood orange juice Dissolve the sugar in the water over heat then remove and add the remaining ingredients. Mix well and get them in the freezer for a sweaty day. LOLLY.negroni Mudslide Spike these creamy, chocolatey pops because you’re a grown up now. Bonus, they’re super easy to make. Serves 6 530ml vanilla yogurt 1 banana 90ml vodka 90ml Kahlua 90ml Baileys 3 tbsp grated chocolate Blend all the ingredients together then get them in the freezer. Done! LOLLY.mudslide Paloma Tequila + grapefruit = the best damn lolly you’ve ever had. Serves 10 110g granulated sugar 120ml water 590ml grapefruit juice 120ml lime juice 70ml tequila Pinch of salt Dissolve the sugar with the water and leave aside to cool. In a jug, mix together the grapefruit juice, lime juice, tequila and salt then add the sugar water and stir. Pour into moulds and freeze. LOLLY.paloma Mint Julep Because they’re not just for the Kentucky Derby, these icy goodies will keep you chilled any hot day. Serves 10 600ml water 220g demerara sugar a handful of mint 18ml bourbon Heat the sugar and water until dissolved then remove from the heat and add the mint. Muddle the mint and then allow to cool. Strain through a sieve before adding the bourbon and stirring. Pour them into moulds and get set. Pina Colada Go tiki with your pops and take this lolly party to the beach. Serves 6 660g fresh chopped pineapple 70ml coconut milk 120ml water 3 tbsp granulated sugar 70ml light rum Blend all the ingredients into a puree then strain through a fine sieve. Pour them into moulds and freeze. Simple, boozy iciness. LOLLY.pina.colada French 75 Probably the classiest popsicle you’ll ever have. Unless you substitute the Champagne for prosecco. We won’t judge. Serves 6 360ml Champagne 120ml gin 120ml sugar syrup 90ml lemon juice Combine all the ingredients (mind the fizz!!!) then pour into moulds. Now you’ve just gotta wait for these posh pops to freeze… LOLLY.french.75.001