BarChick's Fool-Proof Hangover Cures

Oh dear. You've overcooked it on a school night.

Or did you go large on a Saturday forgetting that you have Sunday lunch with the in-laws? Don't worry, even BarChick gets it wrong sometimes, and drinking is her profession!

The hangover is the hazard of her job and as such, she takes them very seriously. The good news is that BarChick has done the leg work for you, so next time your world is caving in on you, the cold sweats have started and you feel like curling up in a dark corner of the office then try one of these. If they don't get you back in the game, nothing will.

If you wake up feeling wack you'll need a SOBER UP. It can be taken before, during but also after and the next day to boost health, detox, expel harmful toxins, restore balance and clear your head. Most importantly it makes you feel 10 times better in 30 mins... just make sure you wash it down with a couple of glasses of water.

A Mexican hangover can be deadly, so we asked the guys at El Camion how they stay on top of life with all their tequila drinking. The answer? Michelada! Its made up of Maggi sauce, salsa, salt, pepper, worcestershire sauce, lime juice and beer. And they drink it in a glass with a salted rim and serve with ice.

Annoyingly the Hawksmoor only opens at 12, because their “Shaky Pete’s Ginger Brew” is awesome; fresh, healthy, hydrating and the ginger/lemon/gin combo gives you that kick you’ve been looking for and sh*ts on a juice from Wholefoods.

Richard Wynne of Callooh Callay survives on a diet of Spiced rum and ginger beer with plenty of Tabasco.

Ben Legget & the chaps at Courvoisier advocate a Marie Rouge: 2 parts Courvoisier Exclusif cognac / 2 parts tomato juice / 1 part orange juice / 1 part lemon juice / dash Tabasco / pinch celery salt. Method: Shake all ingredients together over cubed ice and serve as a shot at breakfast time next to a side of scrambled eggs.

Our favourite BarChick babe Kate Spicer offers this sound advice: Depends how bad the hangover is. If it's really bad, sips of water, thick curtains, valium and someone that loves you on hand or a doctor that can come over and give you a drip and a shot of anti-nausea drugs. If it's medium bad, water, sex, water, strong tea, food, and a high dose of the B vitamins and a multivit too, water, sex again, shower, light exercise in fresh air, food and a really good moisturiser, more water. sunglasses.