Meet The Maker: Nitzan Marrun, Satryna Tequila

Meet the gal breaking down the gender stereotypes in tequila

Let’s start with an introduction - who are ya, and what are you the maker of?

Hello, my name is Nitzan Marrun, I am 25 years old and I am the founder of Satryna Tequila.

Satryna comes from a 70-year-old family recipe. Why did you decide to bring your family’s tequila to market, and did you have to ask permission from the rest of your family to share it?

Well, It is a treasure that had been hidden for such a long time and I wanted the world to be able to experience and appreciate this amazing tequila. 

Actually, my grandmother was the “owner/guardian” of the recipe. It took a bit of time indeed to convince her, but after she saw our vision she was keen to let us share it with the world.

As the tequila has been in your family for so long, can you remember the first time you tried it? 

Yes! I was 15 years old and home alone. I decided to invite my girlfriends over and I stole one of my parents’ bottles! I got in so much trouble.

Tell us about the process of making your tequilas - what makes Satryna different from other tequilas?

Satryna is made from the finest tequilana blue weber agave that has been nurtured for 12 years and carefully selected. Steam cooked, triple distilled. Our reposado, añejo and añejo Cristalino are aged in French oak barrels imported from cognac and American Oak Barrels from California.

It is carefully distilled by our amazing Maestra Tequilera Mireida Cortés.

It is a unique balance of the art of making tequila for centuries with a modern distillation process. You will find purity and smoothness in every sip. 

Your tequila is inspired by Mexico’s Day Of The Dead festival. How do you celebrate this festival and why did you turn to it for your inspiration? 

It is a beautiful tradition full of culture, expression, honour, colour and Joy. A beautiful way to honour those who have passed. It is a celebration of death but also a celebration of life. This is why we turn to it for our inspiration.

Everyone has a different way of celebrating Day of the Dead. Never forget your altar. Pictures of our friends and family who are not with us anymore, offer tequila, food, objects, candles and fill it with Color and Cempazuchil flowers.

Tell us about your home town - where in Mexico are you from, what’s the vibe? Are there any cool bars you like to hit up?

I am from Mexico City. The best word to describe my relationship with this city is “totally in love”. It has a cool exciting vibe that attracts the new, the different and the creativity in people.

There are amazing bars with great mixologists. I always like to stroll around different parts of town and search for new concepts and projects as well as mixology proposals. 

If you could teleport to any bar in the world, where would you be travelling to and what would you order? 

I have several bars that I love. There is Artemisa in Mexico City with an amazing selection of distilled and great drinks as well as a super cool interior design also Ombra de vin in Milan which has an amazing concept and a delightful vibe.

You currently have a Blanco and an Añejo Crystalino - what’s next for Satryna? Will new products also follow a family recipe, or have you been experimenting with new recipes and techniques? 

Yes, all products have been following the family recipe, they all have been ready, we just decided to launch the white tequilas first. 

You are rocking an all-female team in a drinks sector that is usually quite male-dominated. Did you consciously choose to make Satryna a female-led brand, and if yes, why and how do you think it has impacted your business (if at all)? 

I did not consciously choose to make Satryna a female-led brand. But as you can see we are rocking it. 

Tell us about the bad-ass babes in your team. Who are they and what do they do?

Maestro distilleria - Mireida
Our brand ambassador - Marisol
Head of marketing - Andrea

We all have dogs and for some reason, they are always present in our Zoom calls.

Do you have a favourite cocktail to use Satryna in? What food does it work well with? What about the new creations? 

My favourite way to drink Satryna is by itself in a fluted cup. I love to be able to enjoy the complexity of it. However, if I had to choose a cocktail, I would go for one of the Satryna Signatures called ‘Satryna Love’. All you need is:

50ml Satryna Blanco
30ml Campari
15ml pear shrub

I think it works very well. You do not lose any of the flavours. 

What does a working day look like for you?

I am usually up early enough to get a hold of the Satryna European team. We have many internal follow up calls where we share our experiences and lessons. This helps us think of better ways to implement strategies to get to our customers.

Then I usually take some time to answer emails and work on administrative matters. Afterwards, I try to attend all appointments with Restaurants and Bars including training. Then I treat myself with a glass of Satryna Cristalino to finish up my day.

What has been the biggest challenge in producing and launching your tequila?

Breaking stereotypes. We are young women in an all male-dominated industry, sometimes you need to step up your game to be taken seriously. Believe in ourselves and take what we need to make our project happen.

Have you got any fun facts about your product?

The name Satryna comes from Catrina. We initially wanted to name it that but my friends from the United Kingdom kept pronouncing the C as an S for some reason. We really liked how it sounded.

We know that celebs love tequila. Does Satryna have any celebrity fans?

Our friends at Ganzo Hotel in Cabos say Elon Musk kept ordering our tequila during one of his visits. 

And how about any brand superstitions or traditions that have an impact on your business?

We have a custom of always shaking any bottle of any spirit before opening it so all the elements of the liquid are mixed. 

Satryna Tequila is available online from the Satryna website, Amazon, The Whisky Exchange, and Master of Malt: Blanco (Triple Distilled) RRP £62.50 & Añejo Cristalino (Triple Distilled, Matured) RRP £125