Prosecco Shortage? Keep Calm and Drink These Alternatives Instead.

We drank all the Prosecco.  Sales shot up 75% last year, we even started swigging glasses of the stuff on tap.  We've been popping through bottles like there was no tomorrow - and it turns out, there wasn't.

After a sh*t grape season the rumours of the impending Global Prosecco Shortage has everyone in a bit of a panic. No more bubbles with brunch. No more feeling like you’ve got a bottle of Champagne on your table when you only spent £20 at the bar. No more Aperol Spritz (you should be over that by now anyway, so 2013).

But before you freak out and start filling the soda stream with wine, take a breath because there are loads of awesome alternatives to the sweet sparkling stuff - and now’s your chance to try them.

From the cocktails you love to pop the cork for to a straight up flute of fizz. We can do this...

Veuve Cliquot RICH

The Champagne cocktails comeback kid

Love your Prosecco in cocktails? Time to start using the new Champagne that’s designed for mixing. Veuve Cliquot RICH is your new party drink, and nothing says French 75 like it. The strong fruity notes in the bubbles mean it’ll also taste amazing in a Bellini or Royale (hello breakfast) - you can add in any fruit puree you like, just give it a stir and throw in some fruit to draw out the fresh, summer flavours. Champagne is back baby, and it never tasted so good.

Harvey Nichols English Sparkling Wine

The bottle to stock up on for summer

Love - or loved - to drink your prosecco straight up with your mates? The news probably hit you guys the hardest, so you’re gonna need something really tasty to replace your beloved bottles. English sparkling wine is the new thing, and it's arrived just in time. While over in Italy the weather ain't been so kind on the grapes, over here the English climate has grown some pretty good grapes and now everyone’s turning them in to booze (and we're not complaining). Harvey Nichs have just launched their brand new label and it's the one we’re sipping; made in Sussex they've spent 2 years developing the perfect fizz so expect a crisp and citrusy taste that smells of sweet peach and apricot.  It even comes with a Prosecco price tag. Who needs Italy anyway?

Wild Elderflower Spritz

Move aside Aperol Spritz

Nothing can really replace an Aperol spritz with Prosecco, but the new Wild Elderflower Spritz is fizzy, fresh, summery and a big people pleaser, because who doesn't like elderflower? Best of all, it comes pre-batched so all you gotta do is pop it and you’re away. The gin and perry cider make it really refreshing and easy to drink; serve over ice in a large wine glass and add a twist of lime to bring out the elderflower flavours. Find out where you can pick it up.


Campari and Soda

The Italian aperitif, sans Prosecco (sob)

OK so Prosecco was possibly the best drink to come out of Italy but Campari gives it a good run for its money. We love the Italians for their ‘get p*ssed before dinner’ aperitif drinking style and this is no time to halt it; aperitifs don’t all contain Prosecco, you know. Campari and soda has been a thing since your Nanna was a kid, it’s classic and so easy to make at home. Pour the Campari, top up with soda and serve in a tall glass, over ice, with a wedge of lemon or lime. Not that diet cocktails are our thing, but this is also a much healthier option than any Prosecco aperitif because soda water is essentially wet air, so you can get your bubble fix without getting in trouble with your PT. Don’t say we don’t look after you guys.



Ditch the Italians and go Spanish instead

This one’s for wine lovers who miss their vino being served up special. Rebujito’s are a classic Spanish cocktail originating from Seville, containing - you guessed it - local favourite sherry. Add either soda, tonic water or lemonade and some sprigs of mint and you’ll have a really refreshing, zingy yet mature cocktail that’ll go down really well at your next boozy dinner party. If you miss the spectacle of popping corks and exploding froth (hello!) you can dress your Rebujito’s up too - just buy a big tapped mason jar, add loads of cubed ice and mint leaves and everyone can help themselves. It may even be better than bottomless Prosecco...