Nice Cuppa Tea? We'd Prefer One of These 5 Cocktails

Happy Hour Meets Tea Time

Not to lean into the cliched stereotype, but facts are facts: us Brit's bloody love a cuppa, and drink an average of around 2-3 cups of tea per day. Nationally that equates to 165 million daily brews. Quick maths: that's 60.2 Billion cups a year. These 5 recipes combine the nation's favourite tipple with our favourite tipple... booze. Cups & saucer optional.

Blossom 75

They say a cup of tea hits right when temperatures soar. We can do one better. This twist on the French 75 uses Saicho cold brew Jasmine sparkling tea in place of sparkling vino to create a low-abv alt. Perfect for a special mid-afternoon refresher. If you like the florality of Jasmine tea & the botanicals of gin, you're gonna dig this Blossom 75.

Breakfast Marteani

We're big fans of any cocktail that plays fast and loose with the idea that it can be drunk pre-10am, but this particular serve combines a breakfast title with the addition of NOVELTEA, aka an alcoholic Earl Grey concoction made with gin - both signs that this is the perfect way to start your day. 

Sagamore Chai Tea Cocktail

This one is rye't up our street. The perfect cocktail from Sagamore Spirit if you've got an appreciation of the sweet aromatics of this classic South Asian tea. Fruity, sweet with a punch of whiskey.

Matcha Pina Colada

If you like Pina Coladas and Japanese flavours, this is a matcha made in heaven for ya. The crew at Beefeater have created this twist on the beach-bar icon, with a modern edge using green tea powder AKA matcha. This isn't a frozen drink, so don't go too heavy on the ice.

The Churchill

A smokey twist on the Old Fashioned, that the crew at Catoctin Creek call "The Churchill." This cocktail by Jonathan Coate features a banging Lapsang souchong tea, a black tea, traditionally dried with pinewood, which imparts a delicious smokiness. Winston Churchill reportedly enjoyed putting whisky in his tea. Our kinda political scandal.