What The BarChicks Want For Christmas

Finger's crossed we're not on the naughty list...

 Yes, Christmas is all about giving. But that hasn't stopped us from rounding up an absolute banger of a wish-list for 2020. Santa's gonna need a bigger sleigh...

Drinks trolley from Atkin & Thyme

First things first - let's think about somewhere bling to store all the booze we've accumulated in 2020. If lockdown has taught us anything it's that investing money in home furnishings is worth it when you're spending 40% of the year in the same four walls. We want a home bar we can be proud of (no more dusty cupboards/under-stair shelving for us!) & this brass beauty is leading the pack. It's got Art Deco vibes nailed, has space for your spirits, mixers & cocktail kits, & is a real eye-catcher. Now when people raise their eyes at your drinks collection you'll know it's cos of this sick trolley and not the fact you own 27 types of gin. 

Stirling Drinks Trolley £299 Atkin & Thyme.

Scalloped cocktail chair from Oliver Bonas

Who doesn't love a gem-bright cocktail chair? Also... what exactly is a cocktail chair?! They make us think of Mad Men so that's good enough reason to want one. These babies have everything you need to make a statement when sitting back sipping on a Manhatten. They pop with colour, have that luxe velvet texture that immediately ups the boujie level of your boudoir & we're digging the Under The Sea vibes from these scalloped stunners. We've got our eyes on Chambord purple, thanks. 

Flora Scalloped Velvet Armchair £395 Oliver Bonas

Negroni sweatshirt from Love & Victory 

Our NY Resolution for 2021 = get out of the PJs & Dress to Impress. Seems like we might have to invest in this nifty piece of knitwear in that case. We're gonna be wearing our heart on our chest by rocking our fave cocktail in sweatshirt style. Some people make a statement by supporting their sports teams... we're all about donning our drinks. 

Negroni sweatshirt $50 Love and Victory

Disco Pizza Oven from Temple Home

What could be sicker than having a pizza oven installed in your garden? HAVING A PIZZA OVEN THAT LOOKS LIKE A DISCO BALL. Yes, we are not making this up. Fire up the oven and get the Margaritas going - both in pizza and cocktail form - cos this thing has party written all over it. Now tell us you don't want a slice of this action.

Check out Temple Home for more details. 

Bring Soho House to Your Home with this selection

Missing your weekly daily trips to Soho House for a 'business meeting' aka getting directly on the Picantes & the Lady A? Us too. Life isn't the same when you're not waiting 2 hours to see a menu. But now you're in luck, cos you can recreate the magic of your fave House... at home. While lockdown life means you can't hobnob from a member's club, you can drink like you're at one by ordering a bottle, half bottle or Magnum of Lady A from 31DOVER. Light, crisp & full of more zest than the influencer usually found taking sneaky snaps in the corner, this pale rose has flavours of citrus, pink grapefruit, peach and raspberry. Also did you know the label was designed by Damien Hirst? So cool, darling.

Or if Picantes are more your thing then you can now buy an actual candle that brings the fragrance of everyone's favourite spicy cocktail right to your casa. Even better when you're sniffing it while wearing this badass jumper. If you know, you know.

Some beautiful glassware for all our booze

The only way to drink the several dozen bottles we've accumulated this year is out of outrageously beautiful glassware. We're so into these wine glasses right now so pop them on your wishlist & cheers to a white wine Christmas. Meanwhile, if you wanna take your Martinis to a new level of luxe, these Barwell Cut Crystal Martini glasses also top our list. And of course, no-one wants to be watering down their ultra-premium whisky in an attempt to keep it chill, so to keep our drams at a temperature we like, we're dreaming of this whisky tumbler which rests atop a marble base which helps to maintain an optimum temperature of your drink — no ice cubes needed. That's the stuff!

Moore House Cocktail Candles

Can't grab a Picante fragrance? No worries, there are loads more cocktails on the candle-menu & we're digging this epic selection from Moore House. Mid Town brings the vibes of a classic Manhattan with warming notes of bourbon, vanilla and carame, the Soho Caffè takes inspiration from the Espresso Martini & the Negroni-inspired Firenze 1919 is Italian style in scented form. Making cocktails acceptable at any time of the day. We're in.

Available in single larger sizes for £22 or sets of three for £32.

Blacklines Baubles

If we have to hear about 'Christmas Bubbles' one more time we may shove our head in a blender. Christmas baubles however... now that's a different matter. Especially if they're boozy baubles! That's right, one of our favourite bottled cocktail delivery brands Black Lines are bringing mini versions of their hero serves - the Negroni, Spicy Tommy’s Margarita and brand new Espresso Martini - in 100ml Glass Baubles. They'll look terrific on your tree and are the treat we all need on Christmas morning.

Bauble Set £24 Black Lines