Thai Islands

Things we love:

The prices: place to stay for £12 a night? Dinner for 50p? Sold. Buckets! Go big or go home – drink the local SongSom whiskey straight out the bucket. Massages: there’s always one close by and they’re damn cheap (happy ending optional…) They LOVE a world record… seriously. Full moon parties baby. You can make a friend on any beach so solo travel is just as fun as travelling with your crew or beau.

Things we wish we’d known:

Boys: ladyboys can be deceiving after a few drinks. You can go to jail if you don’t wear underwear. They like munching on fried insects… go with it. Getting a night train? First class it is, baby. Pack light and buy clothes when you’re there. Ping pong is their national sport but a Ping Pong Show is a VERY different thing.