Hal's Car Park Bar


Right next to The Old Jamm Inn is Hal’s Car Park. Yup, you guessed it, it’s a bar in a car park, because… why not?! Plus it is one of the most popular bars in The Gap and every night is different.

You won’t see the $30 all you can drink here that you sometimes see at The Gap, the beauty of this place is that it’s just your bog standard bar with ice cold beers, Bajan, Jamaican and Guatemalan rums and loud tunes… we’re diggin’ it. Mon-Wed is karaoke for the brave otherwise it’s just jamming nights.

Past the tables and chairs it’s a car park (but in no way is this an invitation to drive home) and it’s open air, apart from the little cover over the bar itself. Party hard under the stars amongst the smell of various street foods in the air… nice. This is a good place to end the night, and Hal is usually hanging out behind the bar so go say hey.




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