Buck & Breck


You know we're always down for a secret bar, although we've never been great at keeping them secret. This one's too good not to share. Buck & Breck can be found in one of BarChick's favourite hip cities, but what makes it really cool is its menu of seriously inventive drinks. Of course, you gotta find the place first before you can try them.

Locate the secret door between a police station and Doris Bistro, ring the doorbell and nab one of the limited seats. It's time to dig into a menu that's short and sweet, and gives a holler out to dry gin, whisky and brandy. Cocktails are good. Really good. The bar is set out like a round-table with mixologists centre stage. There are only 14 seats, so it's an exclusive show. The house Champagne is decent, and those who enjoy heading off-piste can challenge the crew to an off-menu serve. Prepare to see the skills these legends have up their sleeves. 


By BarChick


Brunnenstraße 177, 10119 Berlin, Germany


Sunday 19:00 - 02:00
Monday 19:00 - 02:00
Tuesday 19:00 - 02:00
Wednesday 19:00 - 02:00
Thursday 19:00 - 02:00
Friday 19:00 - 02:00
Saturday 19:00 - 02:00



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