Long Street is full of some of Cape Town’s best bars and hangouts, so things can get pretty busy, especially on the weekend, but each town has its little secrets and Julep is the one to know about. This lesser known bar is tucked down a quiet side street, high five that you’ve dodged the crowds. That being said, don’t go thinking this place doesn’t get crowded cos it does. However it never loses that feel of intimacy, it feels like someone’s living room in here or some sort of private house party. The crowd is pretty hip, everyone’s friendly and it seems as if they already know each other. Everyone’s up for chatting (and dancing) together, so you will probably leave with some new best friends hanging on your arm after the right amount of drinks.


There’s happy hour daily between 5pm-7pm so get the drinks in. Cocktails here are pretty sweet (but then again they are in most bars, it’s how they like em over here) so if that isn’t your thing you can never go wrong with a round of G&Ts and beers, although the Dry Martini has had its fair share of compliments!

Plus, for all you smokers out there we’ve got a treat for you, you can get your smoke on in here…  YEH.




Vredenburg Ln, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town, 8000, South Africa Tel: +27 21 423 4276


Tues - Sat: 8pm - 2am


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