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Panda & Sons

Panda & Sons

Panda & Sons


Panda & Sons is the brainchild of the international award-winning bartender Iain McPherson and he’s totes about simplicity. Nestled beneath Queen Street, the only visible aspect of the bar is the street level barbershop entrance. Descend to the basement and through a slick bookcase door like you’re Bond on a break-in and you’ve made it.

With classic stone flooring, low ceilings and even lower lighting this place sighs New York speakeasy, with a nod to the traditional barbershop, natch. Clock the barbershop paraphernalia on the walls amongst assorted vintage nicknacks.

Whether peaceful and sober or heaving and crunk the service here is impeccable. These guys have two mantras ‘offer the very best of all you do’ and ‘there’s no such thing as cool’, which means classic cocktails of exceptional calibre sitting beside a lovingly curated wine list and craft beers at their very best.

DJs play at the weekends and prices are fair. For something you’ll only get to taste in Panda & Sons BarChick recommends The Birdcage (Johnnie Walker Gold Reserve, rhubarb & lemongrass shrub, Aperol, Angostura bitters, cinnamon & clove smoke) and Iain’s award winning Siam Saoco (Barcardi, roasted coconut water, Thai sweet basil, salt, agave served with lightly salted popcorn).



79 Queen St, Edinburgh EH2 4NF, UK Tel: +44 13 1220 0443


Sunday 15:00 - 01:00
Monday 16:00 - 01:00
Tuesday 16:00 - 01:00
Wednesday 16:00 - 01:00
Thursday 16:00 - 01:00
Friday 16:00 - 01:00
Saturday 15:00 - 01:00



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