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Lab 22

Lab 22

Lab 22


Cardiff's daring secret drinking den is officially the best bar in the UK

Looking for Lab 22? You need to be really looking for Lab 22, 'cos chances are you ain't going to stumble across this shrine to all things mixology by mistake. Unless you get nosy while grabbing yourself a sausage roll from the Greggs bakery this place is hidden above.

The low-key hidden entrance is pretty much the only low-key thing about this place. Once you're inside, sh*t kicks off, and in the best way possible. This is what a cocktail bar should be: exciting. There's a touch of the mad scientist with an eye for interior design about this place. And if you think the decor is impressive, just wait 'til you try the drinks.

Sure you can pop in for one or two, but you're here for a good time so try out one of their tasting packages to get a flavour for the whole menu (which won the Best Menu gong at the World's 50 Best Bar Awards in December '21, FYI). Expect smoking serves, a cocktail inspired by snake venom and another by Bitcoin, insane garnishes (what do you mean you've never had a cocktail served to you with a flaming £50 note attached to it before?) and a few flavour combinations we bet you've never even heard of. It won't be long before you work out why this place won the title of Best Bar in the UK.

By Georgie Pursey


22 Caroline St, Cardiff, CF10 1FG Wales Tel: 02920 399997


Monday 5pm–1am
Tuesday 5pm–1am
Wednesday 5pm–1am
Thursday 5pm–1am
Friday 5pm–2am
Saturday 2pm–1am
Sunday 5pm–1am


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