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Soho's colourful taste of Buenos Aires

'80s Buenos Aires feels, neon drinks and party tunes all in a Soho basement? This place has good times written all over it. Come for Sucre, chef Fernando Trocca's restaurant that's a slick reimagining of his Buenos Aires institution; stay for Abajo, and descend the stairs into the darkness.

Abajo (ab-a-ho, yo) is Tato Giovanonni's first London bar; he's a big deal in the South American bar world and is often found chilling at the top of the World's 50 Best list thanks to killer bars like Florería Atlántico. The first thing you need to know about is the cocktail menu; it's inspired by the underground bars and clubs that brought all that vibrancy and creativity into early '80s Buenos Aires, so it's what we think all cocktail menus should be: fun. Tato's neon highballs are the colourful talk of the town, bebé. Expect unusual flavours - tequila, banana, flowers and turmeric, and whisky, corn liqueur, sweet corn and pumpkin, flashing coasters and bright colours might bring the silly but there's definitely something serious about these drinks too. 

Inspired by the vibrancy and freedom of the bar scene in Argentina in the '80s (post-military control, so you know these people knew how to party), it's all dark basement vibes, colourful lasers and friendly bartenders who are there to fuel the good times. Come early enough and you might catch live South American music. Stay late for DJs spinning '70s-'90s tunes and to spot us sat up at the bar. 



By Hannah Grace Lodge


47 Great Marlborough Street, London, W1F 7JP



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