Duchess of Dalston


The journey down the Callooh Callay rabbit hole continues.

Named after the Queen of Hearts' lil sister, the eponymous Duchess of this epic new Kingsland Road bar once again pays homage to the trippy, exciting world of Lewis Carroll's Wonderland with devilishly delicious and imaginative cocktails served up in this wild new den soaked in joy.

Home to the adventurous, the curious, the imaginative, and the downright rebellious, this fourth venue from the Callooh fam is more than a cocktail bar; more like a love letter to the diverse community this colourful venue finds itself within.

Expect riotous good times and sensational sounds to come from the mostly female-led (hell yeah) team here in Dalston. Gender diversity is the co-name of the game, and that translates to an opening team of seven drink biz rockstars, five of which are kick-ass babes who will help keep the fortnightly-flipped menu of indulgent cocktails coming til Alice comes home.





By Georgie Pursey


392 Kingsland Rd London E8 4AA


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