Enter: the Avatar of cocktail concepts

Immersive theatre meets bartending at Avora, the latest concept from the folks who created the controversial prison-themed drinking den Alcotraz. This ain't just a bar, honey - this is a whole cocktail experience, complete with elaborate sets, actors, costumes for everyone involved (thankfully, we look great in a jumpsuit) and even a few moral conundrums.

The storyline goes something like this: a new planet has been discovered, and a giant corporation has tasked you with exploring it. You set out foraging and must decide whether to join the fight to save Avora, or to mine the planet for resources like a Bezos baddie. Deep, huh? Along the way, you'll sample colour-changing cocktails, harvest something called a liquor lily and pick juniper berries for another buzzy serve, all while taking in the action-packed plot and lush scenery (think Avatar without the blue guys: flora and fauna, distant moons, etc).

Our fave part? To back up the themes of sustainability, Avora is partnering with a UK-based nonprofit to plant a tree for every ticket sold. This is a book-in-advance kinda deal, so mark your calendars and get ready for an hour and 45 minutes of enthralling experiential boozing.  


By Kate Malczewski


Rosewood Building, Hackney Rd, London E2 8GY


Monday Closed
Tuesday 6pm-10:45pm
Wednesday 6pm-10:45pm
Thursday 6pm-11:45pm
Friday 4pm–11:45pm
Saturday 12:00pm-11:45pm
Sunday 2pm-7:45pm


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