Burnt Ends at Harrods

Burnt Ends at Harrods

Burnt Ends at Harrods


London, get ready Michelin-starred BBQ

When the ritziest department store in the city decides to open a barbecue restaurant, you can bet it's gonna do it right. Yup, Harrods is bringing Burnt Ends, Singapore's famous open-fire bar and grill, to London. This place is rolling in accolades - it has a Michelin star, sits at number 41 on the list of Asia's Best Restaurants and it scooped spot 94 on the World's Best Restaurant list. Casual.

Burnt Ends was created by Aussie chef David Pynt, who first ran the concept as a pop-up in London way back in 2012 before packing up for Singapore. Most of the juicy details of the new London outpost are under wraps, but if it's anything like its Singaporean sib, it'll boast a custom-built four-tonne oven, a rotating menu of the best damn barbecue in the world, loads of bangin' cocktails and a waitlist reminiscent of a Taylor Swift tour. This is set to be one of the hottest seats in town, and not just because of its beast of a grill...

Opening in 2024

Image credit: Instagram @burntends.sg, @burntends.bar.sg


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87-135 Brompton Rd, London SW1X 7XL




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