Timeless Bar


Three different decades, three different cocktails, unlimited potential for time-traveling fun.

We’ve got some news about cocktails and time-travel. And we don’t mean going on a bender and losing three days to a raging hangover. If you’ve ever wondered about the inspiration for some of the world’s most famous cocktails - wonder no more. Cocktail Time Machine is whizzing you back in time and space to enjoy some of the world’s greatest cocktails at the moment of their inception.

During the 75-minute experience, you’ll be transported through three decades and countries via three different, delicious, era-defining cocktails. Epic. This immersive experience comes from Funicular Productions, the team behind Journey To The Underworld, Jewel of the Empire and the award-winning The Murdér Express. We expect to have our minds bent and our tastebuds tickled. 

Check tickets here: https://www.cocktail-time-machine.com/tickets 


By BarChick


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