The Bar Below


HIDE was one of the biggest restaurant openings of 2018, but it's what's underneath that got BarChick's heart racing.

Ollie Dabbous' opened this place on Piccadilly with Hedonism Wines, so you know he wanted to take the booze part of his new venture seriously. In HIDE Below, it's all about flavour. They've taken a hard lean towards the fresher, light serves, but if you're craving a stiff one, they've still got plenty to get you going. The menu goes with the seasons, but there are a few classics that'll keep rocking whatever the weather. They're pretty proud of their Dry Martinis. They've subbed out ice for frozen birch sap to get a silky mouthfeel and a super luxurious, soft finish. That's got our name written all over it.

While the restaurant is pretty spenny (you can chuck £48 at a starter and the cheapest main is the same price as a weekly travel card), the cocktails aren't quite as eye-wateringly costly. Still, you'll definitely want more than one, so take that banker mate who can't resist splashing the cash and you're golden.

By Georgie Pursey


85 Piccadilly, Mayfair, London W1J 7NB, UK


Monday 7:30am–1am
Tuesday 7:30am–1am
Wednesday 7:30am–1am
Thursday 7:30am–1am
Friday 7:30am–1am
Saturday 9am–1am
Sunday 9am–11:30pm



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