Lusin Mayfair

Lusin Mayfair

Lusin Mayfair

Lusin Mayfair


Wining & dining, Armenian style

From boujee bhaji to swanky sushi, Mayfair's got luxurious versions of loads of different cuisines - but when only the fanciest falafel and lighter-than-air pitta will do, Lusin should be your first port of call.

Head through the vault-like doors and you'll find a gold-toned space that feels like a cross between a nightclub and an ancient temple. Snag a seat by the window (the people watching in Mayfair is always on point) and order yourself a drink. They do decent cocktails here, but we're all about the Armenian wine - it's seriously sippable. Now it's time to go in on the food, which features staple Armenian dishes with sumptuous twists. The mutabal - a deeply savoury smoked aubergine dip with sesame paste - arrives in a glass dome, unveiled in a cloud of smoke. The manti (tiny meat-stuffed dumplings) are sauced tableside. The honey cake comes on an extra AF plate that's custom-fitted to its shape. It's good fun, and the flavours are pretty divine.

Of course, a Mayfair meal comes with a Mayfair price tag, so come prepared to drop a pretty penny here (lookin' at you, £19 hummus). But for chickpeas this seductively smooth, you're gonna wanna shell out...

By BarChick


16 Hay Hill, London W1J 8NY


Monday 12 pm–12 am
Tuesday 12 pm–12 am
Wednesday 12 pm–12 am
Thursday 12 pm–12 am
Friday 12 pm–12 am
Saturday 12 pm–12 am
Sunday 12 pm–12 am


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