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Let's put a smile on that face

When we heard that a new DC universe themed venue was coming to Soho, we pictured a ComicCon meets Rainforest Cafe style gimmick. But one thing we're good at (aside from drinking Martinis) is admitting when we're wrong, 'cos holy plot twist, Batman! - this place is chic, classy and f*cking awesome. 

To be honest, they had us the moment the hidden bookshelf entrance swung open to reveal a light-pulsing staircase descending to the vast subterranean dining room beneath. This colossal high-ceilinged room is split into five killer areas, and every inch of the 317-cover space is a vibe. Relaxed enough that you can roll up straight from work, slick enough that if you wanna dress to impress, you won't look outta place. But heads up: costumes are a hell no. Think more Bruce than Batman, yeah?

Whisky buffs will wanna hit up Pennyworth's bar for a dram poured by Alfred, AKA the one-of-a-kind weight calibrated decanter that knows how to self pour the perfect measure of their exclusive whisky. If you've got a hot date on the cards, the bad-ass villain inspired speakeasy, Old Gotham City, glowing with neon and sexy vandalised artwork has plenty of dark corners for illicit deeds. Looking for BarChick? You'll find her at the pink-scaled bar of the Rogue's Gallery sipping on The Blue Boy served directly from a piece of art. As mixology goes, this one is a legit masterpiece.

If you're here for the food, you'll want a table in Penguin's Iceberg Lounge (that's the one with the glowing icy penguin protruding from the bar) with a view of the band. The menu is pretty fly. If you've never had your mind blown by an omelette, that's about to change (seriously, that sh*t is next level) and if you love liquid nitrogen to play a part in your puddings, the Kiss From a Rose will seal the deal.


Park Row is now open, with new internal venues to open soon.

By Georgie Pursey


77 Brewer Street W1F 9ZN


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