The Racketeer

The Racketeer


A wicked cocktail bar masquerading as your local boozer

This place looks like your regular pub, but like Rachel's Thanksgiving Trifle, it's got a couple of surprising layers to it. Expect beers on tap, a bottle shop of banging takeaway vino, a secret sexy basement bar & a menu of cocktails that had us swooning. 

This is where the post-work party is at, no don't go expecting a seat til the crowd thins around 8ish. Or think smart and make a reservation. If you're craving that 'thank f*ck it's 6pm' buzz, stick to the upstairs where you can people-watch with a chilled pint. Wooing a date? Sneak downstairs where that soft basement candlelight will have you both looking fine. Hit the wine, or get involved with the cocktails. BarChick was seriously into the signature remedial Penicillin in a Storm with its ginger punch served in a frozen glass tankard. Or get tropical with the strong & fruity Trinidad Swizzle which reminded us of the original back in Bermuda, but with its own Racketeer twist.

By BarChick


105 King's Cross Rd, London WC1X 9LR, UK Tel: +44(0)20 7278 2261


Monday - Thursday 4pm - Midnight
Friday & Saturday 1pm - 1am
Sunday 3pm - 11pm



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