Named after the popular classic, the Martínez can both make and serve classics without breaking a sweat. However, if you're looking to try something new there is definitely more fun to be had exploring their list of original drinks: they make their own gin infusions or 'house elixirs' as they call them.

Located in the trendy Malasaña area, Martínez is frequented by an arty/techy crowd of 30 somethings, so get your cool on here - you’re in rad company. The genuine, original decor of the bar resembles an old pharmacy, although the staff told BarChick that the place used to be a brothel and she’s not sure if they're pulling her leg or not.

The music is played at a comfortable volume for chatting - a kind of jazzy swing bop, loungy and mellow. On Saturdays they have a popular brunch during which old music is played on a gramophone. Feel free to chat with your skilled bartender, he’ll give you popcorn and flash his pretty smile. Or was that just us...?



Calle Argensola, 12, 28004 Madrid, Spain Tel: +34 910 802 683


Mon - Fri: 5pm - 2.30am, Sat: 3pm - 2.30am, Sun: 1pm - 1am


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