The Marlton Hotel


Tucked a block above Washington Square Park and just west of 5th Avenue, The Marlton Hotel is your atypical hotel bar, which is to say the hostess and servers don't treat you like second-class citizens if you roll up for a drink without a room key.

There’s lots of dark wood furnishings and leather-upholstered seating reminiscent of a hunting lodge while sparing us the taxidermy. The cocktail menu fits the vibe - it's familiar and accessible without being dull. The Manhattan is ‘doubled' (and great), the Sidecar is ‘Bohemian,’... you get the picture. Outside the impressive twists on classics, they boast solid original cocktails. We had the Apt. 408, which is a refreshing mix of tea-infused Curacao, gin and blueberries. There's something for everyone, but with the price tags as high as USD 15, you're paying for choice.

The crowd skews a little older than your typical downtown bar, which is pretty remarkable given the Marlton's proximity to NYU. While great all year round, come winter it’s prime date material with a cosy fireplace to curl up in front of.



5 W 8th St, New York, NY 10011, USA Tel: +1 212 321 0100


Mon - Sun: 7am - 2am


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