Garota de Ipanema


The Girl from Ipanema, one of the most famous Bossa Nova songs of all time by Tom Jobim and Vinicius De Moraes in 1962, made this bar famous.

It’s not much in the way of eye candy, a little run down and dated but hell can they cook, the picanha is legendary or try their feijoada (a stew of beans, pork and beef). The walls are decorated with old photos and lyrics, so you know it’s been around a while just like the staff. The large open windows make the place feel spacious even if it’s a little crammed with tables and chairs tightly squeezed into every corner. This place gets busy with tourists and locals alike and even Helô Pinheiro (the girl) herself has been known to stop by and sign a few autographs. Nuff said.

It goes without saying that this place touts the tourists, it’s cool, go with it and stick with the local beer or wine (too much sugar in their Caipirinhas for BarChick’s taste buds), get p*ssed and sing the song over and over again, that’s what BarChick did, the more the merrier to drown out the low nights.



R. Vinícius de Moraes, 49 - Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, 22411-010, Brazil Tel: +55 21 2523 3787


Sunday 11:30 - 01:00
Monday 11:30 - 02:00
Tuesday 11:30 - 02:00
Wednesday 11:30 - 02:00
Thursday 11:30 - 02:00
Friday 11:30 - 02:00
Saturday 11:30 - 00:00



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