China Cloud


In the alleyway, find the silver door that is completely unadorned except for the address “577 1Ž2” marked in Jiffy pen. Go through the garage, up the rickety stairs, and you’ll find yourself in a hot and sweaty space, heaving with hipsters. Everything about this place feels like your mate’s house. There’s local art hanging on the walls, a makeshift bar and a small stage surrounded by old couches – it’s intimate, and you’d have it no other way.

The best nights are on the weekend when the bar’s open late, but there is live music or comedy nightly, so check out their twitter page to find out what’s on. Drinks are unfussy, cheap and cheerful. They’ve got $4 wines, beers and high balls to keep you happy – BarChick recommends the Sleeman’s Honey Ale. The music is laid back and feel-good and most of the bands that play here call this their home base. There’s a good vibe and a respect for the artists, the space and the crowd. Everyone here seems to be friends with each other, so grab a drink, a space on the floor and go bump into people.



524 Main St, Vancouver, BC V6A 2T9, Canada


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