Fresh As Hell Cocktails To Get Delivered To Your Door

Spritzes, Coolers, Martinis & Collins' - these fresh & floral cocktails are guaranteed put a spring in your step.

You might not be able to sit in a pub garden/the park/your rich mate's roof terrace - but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy killer cocktails to get ya in the mood for summer. Have these delivered to your door, pour over ice, sit in your garden or by your nearest window and raise a glass to sunny days.

UK Wide

Pear & White Tea Fizz - Black Lines

Light & crisp, like sunshine in a glass

Pear | White Tea | Vodka | Sake

This sparkling little number is like liquid gold, and just as precious when the home bar is running dry. Light & crisp, it's the tea/sake/pear combo you need in your life. Plus it's spritzed with bubbles - what more could you want? 

5 serves per bottle. Get yours here

English Garden Lychee Martini - Tom Savano

A deliciously floral Martini that still packs a punch

Elderflower Vodka | Lychee Liqueur | Fresh Lychee Juice | Dry Vermouth Blend

Want to bring a taste of the far East to your little patch of English garden? No fear, Tom Savano is here to transport you with the exotic sweetness of Chinese lychee liqueur & elderflower gin. The bottle looks pretty fly too - this has Saturday afternoon all over it. 

Each bottle contains 2 servings and can be ordered here.

CRT - Lollipop

Like a garden party in your mouth

Gin | Elderflower | Cucumber | Mint

Get refreshed with the CRT - a very British combo of gin, elderflower, cucumber and mint. For that extra kick it's garnished with jalapeño - whoof. Pour over ice and listen to those birds chirping outside - even if it is pigeons/seagulls. 

200/500ml available. Crack on & order here.  

Elderflower & Earl Grey Gin Collins - World of Zing

An epic twist on a G&T

Gin | Earl Grey Tea | Elderflower Liqueur 

We're never gonna say no an epic twist on a G&T, and neither should you when it looks like this. Floral elderflower meets aromatic earl grey tea and the match is more appealing than Stanley Tucci making a Negroni. Pop it in a glass, top with soda, and you've got springtime sipping nailed. 

250/500ml serves available. Get yours from their awesome range here

Daffodil - Dalloway Terrace

A floral, effervescent & sassy spritz  

Crème de Peche | Jasmine Verte | Jasmine Tea | Vermouth

Hosting a party for your housemates or just feel like stocking up with a banging bundle? Grab this DIY pack that makes 10+ cocktails and you're sorted. Dalloway Terrace is always on our go-to list thanks to their dreamy decor, and now you can try recreating the magic with this Bring The Bar Home concept. The Daffodil has tasting notes of jasmine blossoms, vanilla & spice, made gently effervescent with cold-brewed sparkling tea Saicho. Sassy. 

Get your five-bottle cocktail bundle here

Pear Collins - Callooh Callay

Light, bright, & f*cking refreshing 

Vodka | Pear Liqueur | Lemon Juice | Sugar | Soda Water


Hurrah - another award-winning bar ensuring that cocktail fans don't go thirsty or sad while in lockdown. Callooh Callay is an all-time BarChick fave, and judging by the awards the rack up then we're not alone. The Pear Collins is light, refreshing, and will transport you to the countryside even if your situation is more 'concrete jungle' than 'rural delight'. Plus each bottle makes 10 serves so you'll have a spring in your step for a fair bit (depending on your self-restraint).

10 serves per bottle. Delivered on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Grab yours here

Rainy Day Spritz - Mr Lyan

A bright, juicy & sophisticated serve 

Raspberry Eau de Vie | Vermouth | Bitter Rhubarb Liqueur


If you're feeling a lack of award-winning cocktails in quarantine, look no further. Mr Lyan, aka Ryan Cheti, has more than a few to his name so a chance to get his epic serves in our home is not to be sniffed at. This bright & refreshing spritz is ideal come rain or shine - so no matter the English weather, you've got a killer cocktail to sort you out. 

Hit up Master of Malt for a bottle here

Le Golden Highball - Proofing Room

A sparkling, smooth, sweet yet smoky bottle of the good stuff

Honey | Elderflower Liqueur | Whisky | Birch Water 


Keeping things local with honey from Bermondsey bees, the Proofing Room team then stick to their Milroy's whisky roots and mix in Aberfeldy 12 for that classic whisky & honey combo. It's given a spring-time pep with St Germain Elderflower Liqueur, and a slight fizz from carbonated birch water. Boom.

5 bottles per pack - share them around, or drink all before anyone else finds them. Order here.

Umbrella Highball - The Sun Tavern

Sparkling cider + peach = one helluva combo 

Whiskey Creme de Peche | Sparkling Cider


Sparkling cider in the sun? SO spring, and when you add it to Whiskey Creme de Peche then it's game on. Cheers to The Sun Tavern then, who are delivering Londoners packs of pre-mixed Whiskey Creme de Peche with a bottle of Umbrella sparkling cider so you can recreate this awesome cocktail at home. 

4 serves per pack. Get involved by ordering here.  


The Huntress - Black Rock

An elegant, delicate & dangerously drinkable lil' number

Nc'Nean Botanical Spirit | Elderflower | White Wine


Hold up - Nc-what? Ncn'ean Botanical spirit is an unaged whisky spirit redistilled with local botanicals, making it perfect for some light and spring-like sipping. Black Rock - the sexy subterranean bar changing the game for whisky - have combined it with a dry Sauvignon Blanc and the sweetness of elderflower for a simple yet seriously effective cocktail. Pour into a frozen martini glass, garnish with citrus, and you're ready to (Black) rock. 

Each cocktail is a single-serve. Check the delivery postcodes and order from here

Hibiscus Collins - Cocktail Trading Co

A pink G&T without the added sh*t

Gin | Hibiscus Soda | Citrus

Those crafty CTC boys are at it again. Mixing up gin with their housemade hibiscus soda and clarified citrus, they've created a pink G&T (without the artificial colours, flavours and heaps of sugar.) Each order will come with an uplifting note, a questionable joke, a handful of signature monkey nuts and a QR code that links to the bar’s Spotify playlists. Ace. Time to think - and drink - pink. 

Each bottle serves one. Check delivery times and order here 


House Collins - The Jane Eyre

Bright, zingy & super sippable

Vodka | Grapefruit Cordial | Supasawa | Maraschino

Rich, cherry-led Maraschino and sharp, bitter grapefruit - now there's a combination to light up your tastebuds. Mix it up with vodka and the sour tang of Supasawa (a kind of liquid lemon/lime alternative) and this was made for a lazy afternoon surrounded by the blooms of summer. Not near any blooms? Drink this and let your imagination take you there.  

Available from The Drinks Drop. Order your single-serving here

Rhubarb Gimlet - Cottonopolis

A dreamy twist on a gimlet 

Gin | Rhubarb Cordial | Supasawa

Who's for a twist on a Gimlet? The classic is gin & lime, but to funk it up a little the crew at Cottonopoolis have replaced the citrus with rhubarb juice and sour Sūpāsawā. We're in. Add quince-led Ramsbury Estate Gin and sugar so it's not lip-puckeringly tart and you've got a cocktail that's as refreshing as it is pretty. 

Available from The Drinks Drop. Order your single-serving here

Cucumber Cooler - Joe Schofield

A crazily refreshing cocktail to quench your thirst

Gin | Vermouth | Cucumber Tonic

The crew from Bacardi have joined forces with the gang at Deliveroo Editions, to bring epic cocktails from awesome local bars, straight to your door. Sweet. We're kicking things off with this Cucumber Cooler from cocktail maestro Joe Schofield. He was due to open his first bar in Manchester later this year, so consider this mix of Bombay Sapphire gin, dry vermouth and cucumber tonic a pretty fine prelude. 

Order from Deliveroo here