Where To Go Drinking With Your Dog In London

Your dog love a good session? We mean your pet, not your girlfriend. These bars let the dogs in, and some even let in mini horses! Woof!

The Vault

Milroy's, BarChick's favourite place to buy whisky in the city, is hiding a seriously sexy basement bar behind a bookcase in their shop and the best bit about it is your pup is just as welcome as you. All hot drinks, wicked tunes and easy vibes, you and your dog could (and should) lose an entire day down there.

3 Greek Street, London W1D 4NX


We love this place for its history, it's played host to loveable rogues since the 1700s, but your dog will love the chilled vibes and the warmth of the fire. The whole place has recently had a facelift and the cocktail menu has been sexed up so you'll be happy kicking back with your furry friend and a glass of something boozy.

67 Dean Street, London W1D 4QH

Dog Gelataria at Pet Pavillion

In Chelsea (where else) your pup can get lickin' all natural dog friendly ice cream like strawberry & banana, apple & carrot and they're all made with fruit, veg, aloe and flaxseed oil, yo.  Rumour has it they're human friendly too so you can share - one step too far?

Chelsea Farmers Market 125 Sydney Street London SW3 6NR

The Charles Lamb

Front of house Billy, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, runs quite a strict door policy here, so sometimes Beethoven struggles to get in. BarChick thinks that it’s because he’s too big, but he’s convinced it’s because he’s not down with the hardcore regulars. Either way Billy is not a good one to cross, so if you are a small, non-argumentative pooch just looking for a pint of ale or a good Bloody Mary then this is the kennel for you.

16 Elia Street, Islington, London N1 8DE

Portobello Gold

If your pup is a Notting Hill kinda dawg, then he'll love this joint because it's rockstar! When he's finished browsing/cocking his leg on the market stalls bring him in here for a pint. They've got it all from a pretty conservatory, live music, a whole stack of tequila and a great garden out back, there's even free WIFI if he's got a stack of emailing to do.

95-97 Portobello Road, London, W11 2QB

The White Hart

If your dog's had enough of strolling along the river, this pub is the ultimate pit stop. It's located right on the river so you can watch the rowers scull on by as you tuck into a pint. Cosy and charming with a roaring log fire and comfy sofas, there's papers and board games to keep you occupied and even chess for the more intelligent breeds.

The Terrace, Riverside, Barnes, London, SW13 ONR 

The Westbourne

This Notting Hill pub is pretty legendary in its own right. The atmosphere is friendly, the food is fresh and tasty and the drink selection is big. They've also got a great area for smoking/drinking/flirting out front. Come play here, and bring your pooch they're more than welcome to join in the party.

101 Westbourne Park Villas, London, W2 5ED 

Seven at Brixton 

Percy the Pug is pretty hospitable, and opens his paws to many a dog. So whether you’re tired of the market and in need of breakfast, or if like BarChick you just want to sink some killer cocktails, then this is the joint for you. This hole-in-the-wall bar is the perfect pit stop for you and your pup, and with dog treats and a market cat to play tag with, your four-legged friend will be more than entertained – woof woof!

Unit 7, Market Row, SW9 8LB

The Shed

When you step into The Shed, you step right out of London and into the heart of the countryside, hence why this place is perfect for your pooch. It's pretty special in here, the decor is full of rustic touches like tractor bonnets and old ladders and the menu is made up of delicious hand-foraged ingredients. While your pup might not be welcome inside, he's more than welcome on the terrace, so get a round of Daily Looseners in and get watching the hot dogs of Notting Hill as they strut past.

122 Palace Gardens Terrace, London, W8 4RT

Ridley Road Market Bar 

This place is about as chilled as it gets, so dress casual and bring all your hounds so you can get stuck in without having to go home and let them out for a pee. Loads of dogs drop by for a drink and they all love it – probably has something to do with the delicious meatball stand outside which delivers straight to your table. So sit back and tuck in to those Red Stripes, but keep half an eye on the door as sometimes a stray cat wanders in and it isn’t looking for a fight…

49 Ridley Road, Dalston, London, E8 2NP

Powder Keg Diplomacy 

With their Colonial Britain/Victorian inspired pad, your dog will be more than happy here, it's the  perfect place to chill out. Hang on the sofas and work your way through their homemade brews, plus the lighting is sexy and dim so you will be both be looking hot (bit muddy from the park? No one will see). There's always loads of pooches in here, and Jaeger their pet mascot rules the roost.

147 St Johns Hill, London, SW11 ITQ

The Spaniards Inn

Whilst BarChick is curled up in front of the fire with her massive Sunday roast and nursing a hair of the dog, Beethoven is salivating over the huge dog treat menu. With peanut butter & banana chews, cheese snacks and beef bones there is something for even the fussiest mutt - just be careful that wagging tail doesn’t send your drink flying. Plus in the summer there is even a dog wash, yes you heard me, a car wash for dogs – it’s genius!

Spaniards Road, Hampstead, London, NW3 7JJ

The Plough 

This wicked up and coming gastro pub in East Dulwich has nailed the whole cosy pub vibe, and even better you can bring your pooch along with you. They’ve got killer roasts, armchairs you can sink into, carafes of Bloody Marys and pigs in blankets on the bar. Your pooch will be more than happy with the selection of dog biscuits on offer, so this is the perfect pub to while away an afternoon in together.

381 Lordship Lane, London, SE22 8JJ

The Shop NW10 

Need a cocktail but haven’t got anyone to go with? Then this hot new hang out has the answer: bring your hound! Get tipsy with your dog at your side, it’s perfect, plus it’s one of the oldest pulling tricks in the book - so you’ll have a non-canine companion in minutes. If this fails then just pretend you are there to shop (the clue’s in the name)… but bring your credit card as you ain’t going to fool anyone (least of all BarChick) if you leave without a new table.

75 Chamberlayne Road, NW10 3ND

Electric Social

This place is done up like a country manor, so we weren’t surprised that pooches are allowed in to complete the look. It’s pretty relaxed in here, so whether you are looking for a hive for your bees or a perch for your parrot then this is your place – “there’s even room for a small pony” BarChick was happy to be told. Plus, if your mutt likes jazz and Yorkshire puddings then he will love it as much as you do - though maybe don’t bring your dog to disco.

40 Acre Lane, Brixton, London, SW2 5SP

Public House 

BarChick loves this quirky watering hole and with cat whispering offered as standard, what’s not to love? Sure it’s a little strange in here, and after a round of absinthe and champagne Alibi Lectors, things get a whole world stranger. Bring your dog along if it’s house trained… “Animals and children are only permitted if the owner likes then and doesn’t fear they may sh*t all over the gaff.” Fair enough!

54 Islington Park St, Upper St, London N1 1PX

The Hawley Arms 

This much loved pub provides a home to all of Camden’s thriving booze hounds and musicians. It is an unshakable (despite its proximity to the rail track and a recent fire) institution, that has and will always be a loyal friend to those in need of a good time and a good pint. There’s a garden and a roof terrace for soaking up the sun/rain in summer, and some log fires to warm up by in winter whilst playing scrabble with your mates. So basically, it’s very accommodating and your pooch will be right at home.

2 Castlehaven Road, Camden, London NW1 8QU