How To Make A Killer Mojito

Feelin' good from my head to Mojitos...

This is one of the most popular cocktails in the UK. It’s not difficult to see why as when they’re made right they’re fresh, light, punchy and have a serious summer vibe. Get BarChick on a beach and we could drink 10 of them. But for something so simple the Mojito can go oh-so-wrong; sinking brown sugar, mint flavouring, too much crushed ice and sh*t rum - we’ve all been there.

When you want a taste of Cuba, you need the real deal. Muddling seem like too much? Be a real beach bum and get them mixed up old school style by the pros at these wicked London rum bars.

But for those who dare to DIY (and seriously you should) if you can nail the Mojito your party trick is forever sorted. This cocktail is perfect for house parties, pool parties, cool parties or home alone parties - and it’s gotta be made with the best. We’re talking taking it back to the authentic Cuban ways, this is how it’s done.

A Little History

The Mojito originates from Cuba, an island famous for the quality of its badass rum and the wicked local bartenders who know just how to use it. It was first drunk by Sir Francis Drake and his crew when they went ashore in Havana in search of medicinal cures. They came back with aguardiente de caña which is a crude form of rum, sugar cane, lime and mint. It was one of Ernest Hemingway's favourite drink at the legendary bar La Bodeguita del Medio, in Havana, which is still open today. The word Mojito is said to come from a Cuban seasoning made from lime to flavour dishes, or from the Spanish word Mojadito, which means “a little wet”.

Make It

  • 1/2 a fresh lime
  • 2 teaspoons light brown sugar
  • 2 sprigs of mint
  • 50ml white rum
  • Sparkling water


Take a highball glass, or whatever you have going. Squeeze in the juice of that half a fresh lime over white sugar. Stir with a spoon until the sugar has dissolved.  


Get your 2 sprigs of mint (preferably spearmint) and tap them on the back of your hand to release the minty goodness. Fold the mint, put in the glass and muddle (mix/bosh/smash) a few times with the end of a spoon.  


Fill the glass with ice. Pour in the rum, top up with sparkling water and garnish with a mint sprig if you’re feeling fancy. BOOM.