Ho Chi Minh

Things we love

The street food. It's in the world's top ten. Ho Chi Minh is known affectionately as ‘Uncle Ho'. Vietnam is the only country where you're already 1 year old at birth. Everyone is a millionaire, you can make like some big dollar-dropping hip hop star with 100,000 Dong notes. You don't need prescriptions to get things from the pharmacy – Dr BarChick will see you now!

Things we wish we'd known

In Saigon there is 1 motorbike for every 2 people and 4 people per motorbike. You do the math. Go out in district 1, sleep in district 2, eat in district 5. You can buy your way out of any trouble. They tax cars 200 percent which is why everyone rides bikes. Come on... means thank you. And you ho yo means watermelon... useful.