Bex Milford

Roaming BarChick


What’s your name and where do you come from?  

Bex (Rebecca if we’re being formal), originally from Bath and now drinking my way around Battersea. 

What’s your BarChick superpower? 

Never mind second wind, I can get a fourth or fifth wind if the occasion calls for it, and will usually be one of the last people propping up the bar. I might not be the most lucid, but I’ll certainly be one of the last people standing/swaying into the early hours. 

Where are you most likely to be spotted?  

I have a soft spot in my heart for Soho - it’s got this amazing cool/fun/slightly offbeat energy at all times of day or night. Also you can roll from Termini in the morning to El Cam at night with a bunch of wicked bars in between. 

If in doubt you order a… 

I do love a Gibson (a martini with a silverskin pickled onion, for the uninitiated). In fact, Martinis generally. I have to be cut off at three though – as Dorothy Parker says: ‘After three I’m under the table, after four I’m under the host’... 

You can teleport yourself to any bar in the world – where are you going for… 

A killer cocktail: 
The Tippling Club in Singapore blew my mind. Also the drinks at Pacific Cocktail Haven in San Fran are always divine, and while there I’d jump into Tommy’s for one of the best margaritas going.  
An all-day session:  
Scorpios in Mykonos is the perfect place to go from beach to bar to dinner to DJ. Just make sure you’ve got your credit card on you... 
Dancing on the tables:  
Miami - Sugar at East kills it every time. Kater Blau in Berlin didn’t necessarily have tables but I was certainly dancing on something that wasn’t the floor... 

What’s the best way to this BarChick’s heart? 

Drink Mezcal with me, get some Vietnamese food on Kingsland Road, then hit up some karaoke. Finally, locate a basement bar for dancing into the early hours = I’m yours. 

When you rock up to the bar who are you hoping is behind it?  

I’ve had some fun night on the sauce with Russell Burgess, and there’s always good times to be had when Ryan Cheti is in the room. For the classics, Ago & Alessandro can’t be beaten. And I wish Aidan Bowie still propped up bars in the UK! 

You’re stranded on a desert island and you’re allowed one bottle… which one are you taking with you? 

I would take one of Mr Lyan’s pre-bottled cocktails - they are the most ludicrously easy-drinking, delicious batched cocktails. I took the Bonfire Old Fashioned to Bestival a few years ago and was the envy of everyone. 

Imagery by Jim Herrtage