Daniele Ziaco




Livorno, Tuscany


My UK career started at the Mirabelle (Marco Pierre White) back in 2001. I then moved to Hakkasan in 2003 and finally Ping Pong in 2006 where I am now Group Head Barman.


I am a father of 2 now so I don't get out as much as I used to. That said,  I love The Nightjar in London. The Passenger in Washington DC, and Blue Frog in Mumbai.


Sazerac, the 1st ever recorded recipe, and my favourite!

Bad ass barman/rock n roll moment?

A private party for 30 - 40 drunk Russians, all angry with the bar staff as due to the licence they couldn't get any more drinks. Let's just say the end of the night was my finest rock n' roll hour.

Ever done it on a bar?

My wife will read this, so in the interest of a peaceful homelife... next question?!

What's next for you?

Watch this space... I have exciting plans for 2014.

Best/worst chat up lines you've heard at a bar?

From Americans... 'you are good, if you go to America you'll be making, like, so much money on tips'... and they leave without giving a penny!

Tell us a secret or something we don't know?

Well then it wouldn't be a secret. I'm a barman, we're trained to take all your secrets to the grave.

If you were to make a barchick cocktail, what would you put in it?

'A Chick in a Peg' It would be a beautiful twist on a bellini with Guangzhou bitters, Osmanthus infused peach liqueur, topped up with prosecco and garnished.

How do you like your Martini?

Dry, with gin... preferably Tanqueray No. 10

What did you want to be as a kid?

I've always wanted to be a professional tennis player, but somehow I've only ended up teaching tennis to kids under 10, not quite the childhood dream I imagined!