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Dustin MacMillan

Who are you?

Dustin MacMillan

Where do you work and what do you do?

I work for Black Cow vodka as their brand ambassador.

What’s the best thing about your job?

The people, always the people! Meeting and working along side people from all over the world, picking up secrets and tricks of the trade from different cultures, the stories of adventures they’ve been on, who’ve they met, why they do what they do, what keeps them moving. Human emotional, without it, we got nothing!

You can teleport to any bar in the world, where are you going?

My local pub, with my girlfriend and my dog. I have the luxury of being able to eat and drink in the worlds most talked about venues (sorry, I sound like a twat, but it’s true) but at the end of the day that’s the only place I want to be.

You’re at the bar ordering a drink – who in the drinks biz do you want rocking up next to you?

Brian Silva!

What is your desert island bottle?

A very rare bottle of Wray & Nephew coconut rum I’ve kept safe in my bar at home from the early 1980s. When I first started working at Mark’s Bar my bar manager David Andrews bought the last, intact cases remaining in the world. We had industry folk begging, offering their first born for just a drop of it. We drank the majority of it, served up as coconut rum daiquiris after work by the bucket, now only a few bottles survive scattered around the city.

What is your hangover cure?

Depends on the hangover really, I like getting to know my hangovers. Always cold, fizzy water. Neck down a bottle of that and you should be sorted. In
Addition the following for an assortment of mistakes.

  • Crispy streaky bacon, for when you’ve mixed many different types of alcohol.
  • Clamato juice with vodka, for when you’ve been hitting the cocktails hard.
  • Beer, for when beer happened.
  • A walk around the park, for when you can’t look at yourself in the mirror.
  • Pills, for when you can’t remember how you got to bed.
  • Pizza, because pizza.

I’m going to die soon, aren’t I?


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