Gabriela Lozada

Who are ya, and where are you currently working?

I'm Gabriela Lozada and I work at Bar Brujas in Mexico City.

Tell us something about the industry we might not know!

It is like constantly playing a high-performance sport - lols!

What’s the best thing about working in the drinks industry?

Being able to develop and exploit the passion for hospitality and the delight of creating new flavours and work with old ones that might have been forgotten!

What is your favourite cocktail and where’s your favourite place to order it?

Vodka martini and Martinez at Ticuchi (or Home).

Ever had a bad-ass/rock n roll bartending moment?

Every time I have to make more than 10 cocktails at the same time haha!

Where will we find you on your nights off?

In Ticuchi, at home or at the movies.

What’s your party trick / super-hero power?

I have legs that never get tired of dancing.

What’s your favourite cocktail to make?

Whisky sour - I love it.

And what’s your least favourite?

Mojito - might have made too many? 

Who in the biz do you always hope you’ll bump into when you’re out for a drink?

Definitely Gina from Hanky Panky, but also my bartender girlfriends in general.

If you weren’t tending bar, what would you be doing?

Doing industrial design or diving.

What is your desert island bottle?

Mezcal, preferably an agave with mineral notes.

What is your hangover cure?

Aguachile and Clamato with beer, never fails

We’re thirsty. If you were gonna create a cocktail for BarChick, what would you make?

Lately, I like dry and bright flavours more so how’s this:

45ml Gin

45ml Cochi Americano

15ml Strega

30ml Mead

Put a large ice cube in an old fashioned glass and lemon peel in there!