Henry Griffin

The bad-ass that designed this website!


Who are ya?

Henry Griffin

Where do you work / what do you do?

I’m the creative director of Spritz Studio, so I’m rarely far from a bar or restaurant.

What’s been your BarChick rock n roll moment/highlight? 

The day we thought Soho Pam had died in the boardroom sticks in the memory.

There’s plenty of stories from back in the early days - it was always pretty boozy.

Lots of talented people making it up as we went along, good times.

Favourite cocktail?

The next one we create at Spritz.

Best city in the world for a bar crawl?

Paris takes some beating.

You can teleport yourself to any bar in the world – where are you going for…

A killer cocktail: Lulu Whites in Paris and order one of everything

An all-day session: Start in The French and see where I end up

Dancing on the tables: Absinthe bar in Antibes. The pianist plays Oasis and they have a novelty hat collection.

The way to this BarChick’s heart is…

Pay me in coats.

When you rock up to the bar who are you hoping is behind it?

Someone with a friendly face and a story or two.

You’re stranded on a desert island and you’re allowed one bottle… which one are you taking with you?

A bottle of No. 3 Gin. Once I’ve drunk it, I’ll still have a nice bottle to look at.