Sam Sareen




I was born and bred in London, but lived in Cambridge for 5 years .


I have been working in a flair bar called "Aquum" for the past 3 years, but have previously worked in many places including "Shoreditch House", "The Hide" and "Dirty Martini" in London.


Aside from the places I have worked, I love "The NightJar" for pure mixo flamboyance and "Mahiki" and "Roadhouse" for the party!


My favourite drink has always changed, but at the moment I particularly enjoy a good vic Trader Mai Tai.

Bad ass barman/rock n roll moment?

Well I get up and dance on the bar every weekend... generally with a couple of customers if I can persuade them ...does that count?

Ever done it on a bar?

I'm working on it?

What's next for you?

I have always dreamt of having my own bar one day. Meanwhile, I just want to keep on enjoying making delicious drinks. I love developing new cocktail menu's and I'm a part time magician as well….

Best/worst chat up lines you've heard at a bar?

Ok so the best is by my boss Sophie: 'um…. polar bear…… sorry that's all I know that will break the ice!' And the worst has to be simply 'you'll do'.

Tell us a secret or something we don't know?

A woodchuck would chop 7 if a woodchuck could chop wood!

If you were to make a barchick cocktail, what would you put in it?

My BarChick cocktail would be something yummy involving Angostura 1824 or Eldorado 12. Probably an old fashioned style with some chocolaty bitters.

How do you like your Martini?

I like my Martini very dry, with Lillet Blanc, Tanqueray No.10 and a grapefruit twist. Yum yum.

What did you want to be as a kid?

Before I discovered the pleasures of mixing and tossing I dreamt of being a video games tester : )