Advent Day 2: WIN Pornstar Martinis With Passoã

Pornstar Martini with Passoã

Put some passion in your party this festive season. The Pornstar Martini is Xmas with a capital X-tra. It’s fun, feisty, and yeah that’s a shot of fizz on the side. This ultra-popular cocktail can be whipped up in a flash, ideal for when you’re celebrating with a crew. Your spontaneous soirée just got a whole lot sassier.


Serves one

  •  40 ml Passoã
  • 40 ml Vodka
  • 10 ml Vanilla syrup
  • 10 ml Fresh lime juice
  • 1 Passionfruit
  • 50 ml Prosecco/Champagne

Garnish: Half a passionfruit

Glass: Flute and shot glass


  • In a shaker filled with ice cubes, add one measure of Passoã, another of vodka, a dash of vanilla syrup, the juice from half a lime, and the pulp of half a passion fruit. Give it a good shake!
  • Strain and serve in a fancy pre-chilled glass, and decorate with the other half of the passion fruit (for nibbling on later).
  • Follow with a shot of your favourite fizz straight after.