Advent Day 8 - Win With J&B Rare

Ho ho ho, it’s time for a high-ball. And nothing jingles our bells a J&B Whisky Hard Seltzer.

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Hard Seltzers are topped to be a big drinks trend next year so if you wanna get ahead, this is the one for you.

Never had a whsky highball? These long cocktails are the best way to stay fresh during party season. When you just can’t handle one more creamy cocktail, the highball is here to save the day with its light bubbliness and all-day-drinking potential. Responsibly, of course.

J&B Whisky is popular all over the world, a bit of a ledge. The Americans went mad for it right after Prohibition, but luckily we don’t need a booze-drought to appreciate just how easy-drinking this blended scotch is. J&B is a bartenders favourite thanks to how well it mixes in cocktails. Your home bar isn’t really complete without a bottle of this bad boy - but that’s why you’re entering the comp, right?

J&B Rare Rhubarb

The J&B Rare Rhubarb has loads of festive flavours – toffee, cinnamon… stick a cherry on the top (literally) and this highball is a go-to party drink. 

In a fancy highball glass (well it is Christmas after all) build:

•       50ml J&B Rare

•       125ml Apple & Cinnamon Sparkling Water (made by sticking apple slices and cinnamon sticks in a jug of sparkling water and leaving to infuse for 30 minutes)

•       4 dashes of Rhubarb Bitters

•       5ml sugar syrup

Garnish with a cherry and a stick of cinnamon


Not our lucky winner? You can still knock these up 

J&B Whisky RRP: £22.50 ABV: 40% Available from