BarChick Advent Day 13 - Canaïma Gin

This is the only thing you should be getting from (the) Amazon this Christmas

Made in collaboration with our mate (and drinks biz ledge) Simone Caporale, this small-batch gin is making a BIG impact, and not just because it rings in at a punchy 47%. For BarChick Advent Day 13, we’re giving away a swag bag from this epic sustainable gin brand. 

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A little bit of history...  

There are a lot of gins on the market, that when it comes to launching something new, ya gotta stand out. And this small batch gin made in the heart of the Amazon definitely stands out.  Canaïma Small Batch Gin is an Amazonian gin dedicated to protecting and preserving its environment and the local communities within it. 

This gin is made using 19 different botanicals – 10 of which are from the Amazon, sourced directly by the local communities that the brand supports, as well as the semeruco fruit from the Andean foothills in Venezuela, where Canaïma’s distillery is based. Canaïma donates 10% of its sales to NGOs and charities that protect the Amazon and its indigenous people, including Saving the Amazon and the Terra Viva Foundation. Hell yeah to that! But this isn’t just a gin that does good things for the world. It also tastes killer, with tropical, citrussy vibes, with some complex herbaceous notes and a peppery aroma with hints of passionfruit.  

To make the Kama Falls: 

50ml Canaïma Small Batch Gin 
10ml Apple juice 
2 dashes of bitters 
Top up with London Essence Grapefruit and Rosemary tonic 

Build ingredients in a highball glass over ice, give it a stir then garnish with orange and rosemary. 

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