The Best Boozy Subscriptions You Should Sign Up For

Give someone a gift that just keeps on giving...

"Don't stop... receiving... hold on to that feeling...' The best kinda gifts are the ones that arrive every month, right? 

Sin Gusano

If you haven't got a bottle of Mezcal in your home bar yet, or you're still trying to find "your" bottle, this new subscription service is gonna change that up, and keep it changed every other month. Sin Gusano is on a mission of agave spirit education, launching the UK's first mezcal subscription service bringing the smokey enlightenment (and bottles) your casa bar needs. Join the Mezcal Appreciation Society and you'll get a bi-monthly delivery features two rare 200ml taster bottles along with a deep-deep-dive into each distillate - we're talking tasting notes, distillery info, ingredients background, process as well as videos and producer interviews. If school was this fun, we'd have taken a seat at the front of the class. You're about to become a mezcal pro, amigo, and the learning process is gonna be epic.

RRP £49.50 every other month. Start your subscription:

Craft Whisky Club - Membership and Gift Boxes

We like to drink, but getting through two bottles of whisky a month... even BarChick might find that a bit tricky. Every 2 months though?! Bring it on! That's the kinda doorstep excitement you can look forward to when you sign up to Craft Whisky Club's membership. Every couple of months you'll receive a subscription box containing 2 handpicked artisan full-sized whiskies, carefully selected from exciting & innovative distillers from Scotland and beyond. Plus you get a specially selected food pairing, info about your new whiskies and distillery tickets! If you have zero self-discipline & don't trust yourself with that much whisky at once then never fear - you can opt for a single full-sized bottle every 2 months. Sign us up, it's time to get crafty.

Get cracking on the Craft Whisky Club membership: 1 bottle every 2 months (£29.95 / Month) or 2 bottles every two months (£55.95/ month) 

Standard Brew Co.

Fancy yourself a bit of a Deborah Meaden or Peter Jones? Well, future Dragon, this is the investment you wanna be making, and we can guarantee your returns will be delicious. The Standard Brew Co gang are giving you the chance to become part of the business of brewing. They're awarding shares to anyone who completes a year-long subscription to their awesome new IPA subscription service. All you have to do is drink the beer. Each month they brew up a different small batch IPA, making everything from TIPAs (AKA triple hopped brews) and SIPAs (AKA session beers) and everything in between - and never repeating their creations so you get something new every month. Then once you've completed 12 months of subscription you'll receive 12 shares in Standard Brew Co. We're in!

For £20pcm you will receive a 6-pack of tank-fresh IPA straight from the brewery.


Give your mum/grandad/best mate the gift of never running out of wine again with a monthly delivery from LITTLE WINE club. They'll drop the best wines of the natural world on their doorstep every month for them to work their way through - an awesome choice if they're new to the world of organic and naturally made wines, and enjoy a bit of adventure. The subscriptions packages are hella flexible and budget-friendly - just remember to casually drop by on delivery day and hope they offer you a glass.

Join the LITTLEWINE Club here

Little Rum Box

Got a mate who recently discovered just how much they bloody love rum? Get 'em to join the club. The Little Rum Box club. It's as non-committal as that hottie from Hinge who still doesn't want to go "official" after 3 months, except instead of getting ghosted, you get some of the best rums from around the world. Now that's more like it. All you need to do is decide how long you want your rum lover to receive the box for and BOOM! They'll post a Little Rum Box containing 50ml of 2 carefully selected Rums through the post until the subscription expires. 

The Little Rum Club subscriptions boxes are priced at £10 per month (bargain) - Join the club here.

Small Beer Brew Co.

If you're a beer lover who prefers to keep the booze levels low but the quality high, the Small Beer Brew Co. are experts in classic beer styles below 2.8% - the dream gift for anyone who appreciates the malt spectrum but not the headache the next day. Sign yourself up to a six-month subscription and you'll get these small but mighty bottles delivered along with bespoke tasting videos from founders James & Felix.

Sign up for a beer journey here for £120

Canned Club

Let's face it. Picnics, parties and commutes (lol, remember those?) wouldn't be the same without a tinny. We've drunk our fair share of canned cocktails, tinned vino and aluminum encased seltzers, but there's always something new to try. That's where the Canned Club comes in. They seek out undiscovered brands who create delicious tinnies and deliver them to your doorstep on the reg. With 3 & 6 month subscriptions on offer, this is the subscription for anyone filled with curiosity and always on the go, with each box containing 8 specially selected canned alcoholic drinks, a delicious sweet or savoury snack, and a guide to what's in the box. Hands down, this is a hisssss-click-cracking subscription.

Canned Club is priced at £32 per month (with free UK delivery).

Bar Douro Wine Club

Doesn't look like we'll be venturing to the continent for a European wine tour any time soon *sigh* but why suffer EasyJet when you can get a European wine tour delivered? This is the dream subscription for you and your partner in wine. The members-only Wine Club from ultra-chic Bar Douro is a quarterly subscription service that brings a taste of Portugal's dynamic wine scene to your casa. Holla! Any vino-loving drinker will dig getting six exclusive wines from a variety of grapes, regions, styles and producers delivered once a season - that should stave off the wanderlust, at least until the bottom of the bottle.

Get your pal a membership here.

Whisky Me

Ding dong! Oh, what's that? Is that a rockstar booze subscription landing on your doorstep every month? F*ck yeah it is! We love the monthly drop from the lads behind our fave whisky bar, Black Rock. Whisky Me sends a dram of Single Malt at the beginning of each month, from rare or limited edition expressions to a few better-known brands - who knows what you'll get next! They even run virtual tastings with the makers so you can get the full distillery experience while you try out the latest drop. Legends.

Sign up for a monthly drop of epic Scotch drams right here (and for a limited time you'll get a free welcome pouch with this link, too!)

Two Tribes "Monthly Ritual" Boxes

Every month has a payday, everyone month has a full moon, and every month you could have a delivery from Two Tribes if you sign up to their kick-ass subscription. Oh yeah, that's a ritual we can get on board with. Every month, this Kings Cross based brewery and taproom delivers a themed box filled to the brim with freshly brewed beer plus exclusive vinyl releases, Two Tribes merch, recipes, and ingredients, all evolving with the seasons as they go. 

Two Tribes Subscription Box is priced from £65 per box (£60 for subscribers)